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1) I had ACL surgery 4 years ago as the result of a college lacrosse injury. After years of wear and tear, my knee became arthritic and crooked to the point where I endured constant discomfort and pain. Dr. Manes was recommended to me by the surgeon who performed my operation 4 years Although Dr. Manes had concerns about whether he could straighten the knee, the results were outstanding. After six months, my knee is straight, completely functional and, for the first time in years, I am pain free! He is the best! Melissa C. (attorney)

2) Compassionate is the word that comes to mind when I think of this doctor. He replaced both hips with no complications. Dr. Manes always greets you with a smile and no matter how busy his appointment schedule is, takes his time to address all of your concerns. We, his patients, are truly blessed that he chose this profession.Natasha W. (physician)

3) Dr. Manes is far and away the BEST doctor I have ever seen (and believe me, I have been to many). He provided me with a complete and thorough diagnosis, explained in great detail in terms I could understand what was wrong, and then provided me with various options including the risk/reward of each. What set him apart is that I felt I was speaking with a friend, with someone who really cared that I got well. Thank you Dr. Manes!! Josh M. (personal trainer)

4) I have had the BEST experiences with Dr. Manes. His expertise is exceptional. He goes above and beyond what is required. His bedside manner is wonderful. He is NOT a doctor where ego comes first. Dr Manes has worked with my difficulties like a trooper! He has and IS using his skills and inquiring of other specialists to make my body work again. I have complete trust in his knowledge and skills. He has become like family to my family. I even recommended my dad to him for successful arthroscopic surgery. THANK YOU Dr. Manes for being YOU! Wendy M. (educator).

5) If you have a very big problem with your knee, Dr. Manes is the right person to trust. Two years ago, I fell on the street and tore my meniscus. The first doctor misdiagnosed me and did not recognize the tear and prescribed physical therapy. The second doctor did not advise surgery and advised me to continue work in the gym. After year and half, I met Dr. Manes. He advised me to have arthroscopy. He reconnected my torn meniscus and I regained stability of my leg. He saved my leg. Alex W. (physician)


Harvey Manes MD - Orthopedic Surgeon

Quick Facts

Dr. Harvey Manes is the youngest doctor to become Board Certified as an orthopedic surgeon in the United States                 Dr. Harvey Manes has been serving Queens, Nassau and Suffolk County for over 25 years

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